High-Performance Storm Windows

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Chances are your windows have bare metal pin-on storm windows. For decades, these were a popular “upgrade” on old houses. The thinking was that if you could install these combination storm/screens, you wouldn’t have to swap the original wooden storms and screens twice a year. Since they were made of metal, it would also keep you from having to do the regular maintenance associated with these windows –  painting and re-glazing.

One problem, though.  They just don’t work that well.

The mitered corners separate, allowing cold air to rush in. Then the out-of-square frames don’t allow the panes to slide smoothly. The nylon guide pins break off causing the window panes to fall out of the frames. Additionally, the original weather stripping becomes brittle and ineffective, and the stamped frame easily flexes creating a poor seal. In short, these windows were a great concept, but the execution was not so great.

Fortunately, now there are state-of-the-art storm windows that really work. For starters, the master frames are made of extruded aluminum so they don’t deflect, and the corners are rigid so the frames don’t go out-of-square. Expanders snug up against the wooden casings of your house, creating a tight fit.  The panes glide smoothly while effective weather stripping prevents infiltration. They are also easily removed for cleaning. And, the aluminum is finished in historic colors, eliminating that bare metal look.

Perhaps most significant, installing high-performance storm windows is an easy and affordable way to add energy efficiency and comfort to your house without having to replace your original primary windows.

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