Service Parameters

Our Customers:

Our customers are primarily owner/occupiers of free-standing single family residences. We occasionally work in owner-occupied multi-unit properties.  Under certain circumstances we will work in rental properties.  We generally do not work as sub-contractors.  If you are a contractor, please have your clients contact us directly.

Our Service Area:

We generally work in neighborhoods close to our home base near the Lake St./Marshall Ave. Bridge in South Minneapolis.  Our most popular Minneapolis neighborhoods include South and Southwest Minneapolis.  In St. Paul, our most popular neighborhoods include: Highland Park, Mac/Groveland, Merriam Park, Midway, St. Anthony and Como Park.

We work in certain first-ring suburbs: including portions of Edina, Richfield, St. Louis Park, and Falcon Heights.

We generally do not work East of 35E, South of Highway 62, West of Highway 100 and North of Highway 36.

(Note that we will occasionally accept projects out of this area if they are a good fit.)

Our Projects and Limitations:

• Our main-focus is restoring original double-hung windows in residences built before 1950.  This includes installing high-performance storm windows, fully restoring primary windows, converting rope and pulley (or spiral/tape balance) systems to jamb liners, repairing broken sash cords, and doing exterior wood repair.  There is a minimum order of six storms windows.  For cord repair, tune-up work, full-restoration and jamb liner installation, there a four window minimum.

• Many of our full-restoration projects require painting but painting is not our main area of expertise, so a painter of your choice will be needed to complete the project.

• We do complete re-glazing of primary windows only if they are part of a full-restoration project.   On-site spot glazing is not a service we offer.  A good painter can usually handle this.

• We install new high-performance combination storm windows but we don’t repair old wood or metal storm windows.  (We have a minimum order of six storm windows.)

• We don’t do on-site glass repair.  Companies that offer home window glass repair services can usually handle this.

• We are not familiar with any companies specializing in the repair or restoration of newer windows so unfortunately we can’t offer referrals for this type of work.

• We don’t work on commercial properties.

• Our work is seasonal.  It can be problematic installing storm windows during the winter months and we don’t take on exterior wood repair and full-restoration projects between November and April.  We do, however, repair sash cords year round.  Under certain circumstances we can install jamb liners during the winter months.

• Note we are a small company with a big demand and can only work for a small fraction of the number of people who contact us.  Also, because of the large volume of calls we receive, we just don’t have the capacity to return calls that do not conform to these service parameters.