Sash Restoration

Are your sash cords frayed or broken?  Do your windows not open smoothly, or are they painted shut?  Does cold air blow around your sashes and into your house?

These are all problems we can easily help you solve

Everyday Problems

• Old putty glazing falling out in chunks
• Cracked glass
• Windows needing paint
• Sash cords frayed or broken
• Sash painted shut or not operating smoothly
• Meeting rails not aligning
• Hardware not functioning properly


Full Primary Window Restoration

On a typical house, we’ll remove badly functioning storm windows and  install high-performance combination storm windows in order to create a good barrier and begin work on the primary windows.  Then, we will uninstall both the upper and lower primary window sashes to begin the sash restoration process.

Normal work includes:

• Removing the upper and lower sashes
• Prepping the outside faces for paint
• Performing any carpentry to ensure the sashes are sound
• Burning out all old glazing
• Replacing any broken glass
• Entirely reglazing the sash
• Performing any repairs to the jamb
• Lubricating the pulleys
• Installing 4 new cotton ropes (2 each for the upper and lower sash)
• Replacing or repairing the parting strip
• Replacing or installing weather stripping
• Reinstalling the sashes, adjusting the hardware and stops, and lubricating the window so it operates smoothy

Additional problems we can address:

• Damaged muntins
• Rails separating from stiles
• Dry-rot and checking on end grain of lower sash stile bottoms
• Condensation on upper sash meeting rail leading to dry-rot and sash lock screws not holding
• Jamb has split below weight pocket opening

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