Services Overview

Our comprehensive program of original window maintenance includes both interior and exterior services. Employing these services will result in windows that are energy efficient and architecturally correct. In addition, we believe you will be pleased you chose to restore, rather than replace your original windows.


Rotten Wood Repair/Replacement

The first project to tackle is any window restoration project is to ensure the exterior woodwork is in good shape. Other companies may use low-quality wood that will quickly lead to rot, or simply splice on a wood patch, or even fill rotted sections with automotive-grade filler.  These are all temporary solution and are prone to fail.  We use continuous runs of Northern White Pine – wood that is naturally full of pitch – that sappy substance that naturally repels moisture.  Our carpentry is tightly joined and finished with high-quality adhesive caulk to effectively seal out moisture and other infiltration problems. We also use restoration-grade elastomeric wood epoxy where appropriate.  These techniques for refurbishing exterior wood will keep your house in pristine shape for decades to come.


Energy Efficient Storm Window

The single easiest  way to save an old primary window is to install a well-designed storm window that is energy efficient and easy to operate and maintain. We provide modern aluminum combination storm/screen windows that replace those flimsy first-generation storm windows installed on many of our older houses. These are available in historic colors with half screens, or full-length screens for those interested in utilizing the upper sash of their double-hung windows.

For those wanting a more authentic alternative, full-length wooden storm and screens are also available. Opting for this alternative involves installing screens in the spring time and swapping them for storms in the fall. This is a great decision for home owners wishing to recreate the original look and feel of their home. It also eliminates the need to have panes of glass installed in screens on a year-round basis. Removing the exterior windows twice per year is beneficial as it gives any trapped moisture a chance to dry out. It also provides easy access to hidden areas of your primary window exteriors that may need routine maintenance.


Primary Window Restoration

Your old window sashes have held up remarkably well for decades. But the passage of time brings natural deterioration.  Your sashes may just need some routine maintenance – like sash cord replacement.  Or, maybe they need to be completely overhauled.  Either way, we can likely provide the level of service your window sashes require.