Window Restoration Specialists

We are members of a community of window restoration specialists serving the Twin Cities since 1975. During that time we’ve learned how to preserve old windows and add improvements that make them even better — all without compromising the architectural integrity of your wonderful old house.

We don’t believe the hype promulgated by the new window companies and wish more people fixed valuable old things rather than investing in substandard new junk.  In short, we are very serious about giving your old windows the best care possible.

Additionally, we are owners of old homes in the Twin Cities and are active in the preservation community.

Guiding Principles

We love old houses. The materials used to make these houses — stucco, brick and wood — are natural materials that are second to none. This old housing stock has tremendous character and just feels right.

We also believe that an old house should “breathe.” Not to the extent that it is a sieve, but to the extent that water vapor has an opportunity to vent and not cause the moisture problems so prevalent in modern construction.


“Gary and Michael are some of the most meticulous repairmen I have ever met. Their work was first rate and reasonably priced.”
-Sarah O., St. Paul

“Minnesota Window Restoration completed the work on time and conducted themselves in a courteous  and professional manner. They also didn’t charge me for additional repairs I needed.”
-Dr. and Mrs. Brad E., Minneapolis

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