Keep Your Old Windows and Make Them Energy Efficient

Almost every day we see new replacement windows that were installed only a short time ago. Now they are rotten, moldy, and barely functional.

What’s even worse is that these windows replaced older ones that were perfectly fine. If you have already replaced your original double-hung windows with new ones, we sincerely hope they work well for you.  If you haven’t yet taken this step, but are considering it, or, if you just wonder if someone can properly tend to your original windows, we urge your to consider our services.

People all over Minneapolis and St. Paul come to us to repair the original windows on their older homes, and while people who have chosen new windows are plagued with problems, those who choose our services are glad they did.

Whether you have an Arts and Crafts Bungalow, an American Foursquare, or some other classic house, we can repair and restore your original window sashes, and furnish your older Twin Cities house with state-of-the-art storm windows. Our strategy is to refurbish your original windows so they will stay viable for many, many decades to come.

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